Sandalman Hits The Catwalk!

October 28, 1997 --Top Canadian designer Ron Leal featured The Sandalman and his well heeled sandals at Toronto's first Ready- To- Wear Collection held at the Docks Entertainment Complex. Ron Leal Chose Cory Bernatt as the man to make the sandals for his Spring/Summer Collection this year. The sandals complemented the muted tones of Leals designs.

The sandals featured in The Collection are available through the Sandalman Boutique and are offered in many other styles and colours.

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The Sandalman Leathercare
1181 Davenport Road (corner of Oakwood and Davenport)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6H 2V3
Hours 11-6 Tuesday to Friday 11-5 Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday
416-533-6-335 (same backwards)

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