Globe And Mail Newspaper

July 2, 1992

Another specialist in hand-crafted leather sandals is Cory Bernatt who owns the 195 Harbord Street establishment called The Sandalman Leathercare. Taught by his father, Reuben, who ran the Grab Bag , a historic variety store during the heyday of Yorkville Village, and who later opened a leather shop called Jekyll and Hide. Cory Bernatt, 27, started creating leather items at the age of six. In the 10 years since he has had his own business, he's expanded it to include leather jacket repairs and gift items, but sandals are still a key part of his business.

Except to notice that "people are tired of wearing running shoes," Bernatt does not go on about revivals and such. In fact he is a rather terse conversationalist. About the care of the foot, he replies, "keep them clean." And what does he think about wearing sandals with socks? "Wear a shoe."

Home Home

The Sandalman Leathercare
1181 Davenport Road (corner of Oakwood and Davenport)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6H 2V3
Hours 11-6 Tuesday to Friday 11-5 Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday
416-533-6-335 (same backwards)

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