A favorite item that can't be replaced!

I can't tell you how often I get requests to have a special item replaced. Ok, well I can actually and it's alot!

The big question in many cases is the "is it worth it question"?

It is really difficult to weigh sentiment over cost viability and that is something that the client has to ponder before they have me start work on recreating a favorite older item.

The passport wallet shown above was used for 25 years and had seen better days, been around the world and back again and they just didn't want to see it go. So they opted to get a newer vertion made that honored the original design.

The cost for this recreation was $150.00

The letter opener/Scissor case shown above was a family heirloom and was priceless to the granddaughter that brought it in. Once again in this situation we needed to honor the design and keep the function of the case the same. This case was molded in an old french method that allows the leather to hold its shape without drying out the leather in the process.

The cost for this recreation was $500.00

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